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Real talk.

We get it—buying furniture online raises some questions. Our goal here is to provide you with the most genuine, real-life-tested answers so you feel confident and informed.

Still need help? 


Visit your account dashboard to check in on an order at any time.

How can I track my order?

We're currently building an updated order tracking system, so in the meantime our Customer Experience team will be able to provide the most detailed look at your order status. We'll also keep you posted along the way—you can expect email updates at important mile markers throughout the production and shipping processes (i.e. before your order arrives at our Los Angeles distribution center, once your order has shipped, and once we're ready to set up delivery). 

Any questions beyond that? Reach out to us via live chat or email [email protected].

Why is your lead time so long?

Great question. The short version (as you might've guessed) is covid-19-related port congestion.

The longer version is that an unprecedented surge in shipments nationwide, met with a severe shortage of staff (due to covid-19 contraction or great precautions) has made it very difficult for us to predict when orders arriving at our California ports can get picked up and transferred to our warehouse, and ultimately to you. Ships can't dock, those carrying covid-related supplies receive priority, and something's got to give. 

We've worked hard to streamline as much of the process as we can control, and the estimated delivery timeline is our way of setting realistic expectations based on what we've seen on the ground over the last several months.

So thank you for bearing with us! If you have any other questions regarding our lead times or covid-19-related updates, please don't hesitate to email [email protected].

How can I change my order?

If your piece is being made-to-order, you can change your fabric or cushion fill within 10 days of purchase. Just remember that any changes will add to your delivery lead time. 

If you'd like to change your fabric or fill after the 10-day mark, we'll need to cancel your order and place a new one. 

We're unable to make any changes to ready-to-ship orders because, well, they're ready-to-ship! 

If you'd like to make a change to your order, contact [email protected] with your order number and your request—we'll take it from there.

How can I cancel my order?

Made-to-order items can be canceled for free until they ship from our Los Angeles distribution center. 

If you cancel your order after it leaves our L.A. distribution center, a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. We'll reach out when production on your piece is complete, and your order starts its journey toward L.A.—we'll also give you a heads up approximately one week before its arrival. 

Ready-to-ship items are taken directly from our L.A. distribution center inventory, so the no-fee cancelation window is small—typically a couple of days. If you'd like to cancel your ready-to-ship order, reach out to our team as soon as possible. 

If you need to cancel your order or have any questions regarding cancelations, contact [email protected].

Can I place a custom order?

We're happy to help you with any custom requests. Email [email protected] so we can get a sense of your needs, and provide you with a quote.

Keep in mind that we will honor your custom order quote for up to 120 days. If you wish to purchase beyond that timeframe, your quote will be reassessed and the pricing may be subject to change. 

Please note that custom orders are not eligible for promotion and are final sale.

What's the difference between made-to-order and custom orders?

A made-to-order piece is any item from our current catalogue that we don't currently have in stock. If you order a made-to-order item, we will make it from scratch, just for you. The lead time for these orders is currently 14-16 weeks, and our normal 30-day return policy applies. 

Custom orders are those with specifications other than the existing assortment available online (i.e. an Aria Banquette with updated dimensions). If you request a custom order, we'll get back to you with a price quote and rendering. Please note that custom orders are not eligible for promotion and are final sale. 

Can I place a large order for a design project or business?

Absolutely. Feel free to explore our Designer Program or reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Do any authorized retailers sell Sixpenny furniture?

Nope, you can only purchase Sixpenny furniture and slipcovers through our site. Any product purchased through third-party resale is inelgible for our warranty and company policies. 

We design, manufacture, and dispatch our furniture directly, which gives us visibility into our entire production line. Because we oversee the entire process from construction to delivery, we can confidently stand behind the integrity of our products. If a product is acquired through a reseller, that visibility no longer exists, and we cannot fully know how their previous handling and care of the product may affect its future.

Shipping & Delivery

All of our furniture ships free to the lower 48 states.

Do you have any ready-to-ship items?

Usually, yes. These in stock items normally arrive within 2-3 weeks. To see whether we have an item in stock and ready to ship, click the "Ready to ship" box on any product page or look for a "Ready to ship" note near the product specs. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always free, and we offer two delivery service options— complimentary threshold delivery and white glove delivery, which costs $100.

If you’re ordering a large item (like a sectional) or have a tricky delivery path (like a walk-up apartment building), white glove delivery is the way to go.

What's the difference between threshold and white glove delivery?

We offer two delivery services: complimentary threshold delivery and white glove delivery, which is $100.

If you opt for threshold delivery, our delivery carrier will leave your shipment at the front door of your house or apartment. If you opt for white glove delivery, our delivery carrier will bring your shipment into the room of your choice, unpack your product, and complete any necessary assembly. The team will also offer to remove your packaging but only take them up on it if you're confident you will not be making a return or requesting an exchange—items returned without their original packaging will incur a 10% restocking fee. 

If you're ordering a large item like a sectional or have a tricky delivery path, like a walk-up apartment building, we recommend going with the white glove delivery. 

For more info, check out our post on the two delivery options.

How does delivery work?

Most of our products are delivered using free scheduled delivery. Our delivery partner will reach out to you to schedule a time window that works. On delivery day, they’ll bring the item to your doorstep.

You can also opt for white glove delivery for an additional $100 at checkout. Same idea as the scheduled delivery above, except our carrier will also bring the item into your room of choice, unpack it, and discard the packaging materials (if you like).

Please note: all deliveries require a signature (except those delivered by UPS).

How should I measure for delivery?

Measuring your space for delivery is a crucial step in the order process, and important details are often overlooked.

Taking note of the height, width, and depth of doorways, hallways, stairwells, and elevators leading into your home can often make or break a smooth delivery. 

For more info, check out our post on how to measure for delivery.

What shipping carrier will my order ship with?

For large items (like sofas), we use trusted third-party carrier partners. For smaller items (like slipcovers), we ship with UPS.

What if my order is damaged during delivery?

If your item arrives damaged, please contact our team at [email protected] within 5 days of delivery so we can get you set up with a replacement. 

If only your slipcover is damaged, there's no need to send back the entire item. However, we ask that you return the slipcover itself once your replacement arrives, regardless of the state it's in—there's a lot we can learn from studying returns. We'll provide a pre-paid return label in the parcel with your replacement, and you can use the packaging to ship the original slipcover back to our distribution center.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, no. The pandemic has made delivering within the U.S. challenging enough as it is, and we're focusing all our efforts on meeting that challenge thoughtfully. If at some point we do offer international shipping, we'll make sure to update this answer so you'll be the first to know.

Returns & Exchanges

Try your new furniture 30 days. Not over the moon? Returns and exchanges are free.

What’s your return/exchange policy?

Returns: We offer free returns within 30 days of receipt for items in original condition. If you're unsure about your purchase, remember to keep the original packaging—there will be a 10% restocking fee for items returned without it. Also note that white glove shipping costs are non-refundable and custom orders are final sale. 

Exchanges: We can offer exchanges on certain items within 30 days of receipt. Please note that we do not accept exchanges for leather items.  

If you'd like to return or exchange an item, email [email protected].

Can I exchange just my slipcover?

Yes, you can exchange your fabric slipcover free of charge within 30 days of receipt. If you'd like to exchange your slipcover, email [email protected] and we'll get the ball rolling. Please note that leather items cannot be exchanged, and slipcovers for custom items are final sale (cannot be returned or exchanged). 

You can keep your slipcover until the new one arrives—we only ask that you mail it back in its original condition within 2 weeks of receiving the new slipcover. Your parcel will include a prepaid return shipping label, and you can use the packaging to send your original slipcover back to our distribution center. 

Before processing the exchange, we'll send you a contract with a one-time payment authorization form. By signing this form, you agree to send the original slipcover back to us within 2 weeks of receiving your exchange and acknowledge our right to charge you for the new slipcover if the original is not returned within that timeframe.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes! Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original retail purchaser on all frames, springs, joints, legs, and hardware for the normal household useful life of the products. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to fabrics, cushioning, seams, tufting, stains, finishes, or any reclaimed wood materials.

For full details around our Limited Lifetime Warranty, please see our Terms of Service.

What's your price adjustment policy?

If you place an order within 14 days of the start of a sale, we'll happily honor the sale price. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if your order falls inside of that window.

Also, keep in mind that we design and manufacture all of our furniture directly, which enables us to cut traditional costs that typically inflate prices. Rest assured, you will always be getting the best quality furniture for your money, regardless of whether you purchase during a sale.

Can I use more than one promotion code?

We can't stack promotion codes, but all orders placed within 14 days of the start of a sale are eligible for a price adjustment. If you've used a promo code to place an order within that timeframe, reach out to [email protected] and we'll honor the higher discount. 

Materials & Construction

A global tour of the finest quality fabrics and woods comes together at the hands of decades of hands-on craftsmanship.

Where are your products made?

Our materials are sourced globally (French flax, American and Austrian oak, etc.), our products are designed in New York, NY, and the final products are crafted with two long-term, state of the art production partners in China—one of which we own ourselves.

We‘ve built our supply chain in a way that allows us to bring you the highest quality materials from around the world, and the irreplaceable craftsmanship that comes with decades of hands-on experience. We would never claim to make the cheapest product—that’s not our goal—but we do aim to provide the best quality furniture that your money can buy.

Which fabrics are kid and pet friendly?

We don't coat our fabrics in chemicals, so from a health and wellness perspective, every one of them is life-friendly. All our natural and recycled fabrics hold up beautifully to daily wear and tear and are relatively easy to clean if you follow our care instructions. (We're dog owners who've dealt with our fair share of accidents, and our home sofa still looks as good as the day we got it.)

But keep in mind, these aren't performance fabrics and aren't indesctructible. 

You'll always be the best judge of what material best suits your home environment. We suggest checking out our post on pet-friendly fabrics to learn more about the perfect material for your furry family members. 

Since every home is different, we strongly recommend ordering swatches to get a feel for the fabrics and colors yourself.

Why are some products not available in Washed Cotton Linen?

The Washed Cotton Linen is our lightest fabric, but offers a crisp breeziness that makes it one of our best-sellers. In fact, it is so pleasantly lightweight that it naturally develops a subtle crimp and slight give during the weaving process. 

These characteristics, while wonderful to spend time on, aren't as well-suited for our fixed collections like Aria and Olea (those with slipcovers that attach to the underside of the frame using Velcro). A crinkly, slightly stretchy fabric simply doesn't shine when pulled taut and anchored into place. 

Longevity is also a factor. While Washed Cotton Linen is quite durable, excess tugging, stretching, and Velcro-ing do put such a lightweight fabric at risk for over-stretching, sagging, and even tearing, so we only offer it on collections with slipcovers that hang freely.

What's thread-dyed fabric?

Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen is a cotton linen blend, not unlike some of our other fabric families, but the biggest difference (as you might've guessed by the name) is the way the fabric is dyed. While our other fabrics are dyed after the fabric has been woven into a fabric sheet, we dye each individual yarn of Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen, and then weave the sheets of fabric. 

By saturating each thread with pigment before the weaving process, we're able to achieve stunning color depth and variation, and can offer a product that is easier to clean and to care for.

What's Meridian Leather?

Our newest collection features a unique, nubuck leather which we believe is one of the most luxurious leathers your money can buy.

The full grain French hides are drum dyed for color richness and depth and hand-sanded for hours on end to create a seductively soft and impressively worn-in feel. Calling this just any old leather is like calling cashmere just any old fabric. 

There’s a wonderful suede-ish quality to it—except in the case of actual suede, the bottom (weaker) side of the hide is used. Again, these are all full grain hides—the highest quality leather on the market—double-stitched at every seam and meant to last and please for a very long time.

Listen, we know leather isn’t for everyone, and we especially know this particular leather isn’t for everyone. It features natural color variation, and can be trickier to clean than a cotton slipcover. But if you’re looking for something a little less expected, something truly indulgent, something that’s a lot softer than your run of the mill, stick-to-your-legs shiny leather, you will absolutely fall in love with Meridian Leather.

What happened to Paragon Leather?

It’s officially discontinued, but we can still accept special orders for certain Neva items. 

If you’re interested in ordering Neva in Paragon Leather,  you can find product information here. 

Please email [email protected] for further information or to place your order. 

What's the difference between Feather Down and Poly Fill?

Our Feather Down and Poly Fill cushions look and feel very similar. We engineer our shredded Poly Fill to mimic the decadent, sink-in experience associated with feather-filled cushions, and truthfully, sometimes we can't even tell the difference. 

Our Poly Fill  consists of entirely vegan poly fiber, while our Feather Down is a mix of ethically-sourced feather, ethically-sourced down, and vegan poly fiber. 

Both fills are loose (not just big bricks of foam), and contents will shift around and shape to your favorite spots over time. Regular fluffing is strongly encouraged for both Feather Down and Poly Fill cushions to keep them looking and feeling like their prettiest, perkiest selves.

For more info, check out our post on Feather Down and Poly Fill.

What do you mean by "ethically-sourced" feathers and down?

We're an almost entirely vertical company, which allows us to be very deliberate about the vendors we work with. Our distributor only uses non-live-plucked down feathers, which they obtain as natural byproducts of the food industry. They're audited and inspected by the Feather and Down Association every year, and their certification is renewed annually. 

Of course, we understand that Feather Down isn't for everyone. It's why we put so much effort into making our Poly Fill as similar in feel as possible.

What's the material composition of your cushions?

Aside from the fill, all of our cushions are constructed in the same way. 

Every seat cushion contains a foam core, regardless of whether you choose Feather Down or Poly Fill—this provides the seat with structure for longevity and stability, so you don't sink so far into your sofa that you can't get up. Beyond that, every seat cushion contains at least some (for both Feather Down and Poly Fill) vegan poly fiber. It's a soft, durable material that helps add balance to even the feather and down cushions. That leaves a little less than a third for your choice of fill.

In the case of Feather Down orders, that remaining loose fill is feather and down (9:1 feather to down ratio, because if we added any more down you'd sink all the way into the floor). For Poly Fill orders, it's just more of the same vegan poly fiber. 

Back cushions contain no foam, and are filled with 70% feather and down and 30% vegan poly fiber for Feather Down orders. Poly Fill orders are filled with 100% vegan poly fiber.

What's high density foam?

"High Density Foam" is a material commonly used in furniture construction for structure and stability. As a rule, the higher the density, the longer the foam (and your furniture) will maintain its shape. A foam density of 23kg/m3 or above is generally considered high density.

What's the difference between a cushion's density and its firmness?

Density is the measurement of mass by volume—how much stuff is compacted into a single unit of space. The "firmness" of foam is measured by how much pressure is required to compress it. Two pieces of foam can have the same density but different levels of firmness. 

The "Support Layer" of High Density Foam at the core of all our cushions has the same density as the "Firmness Layer" of High Density Foam we use in our dining banquettes (38kg/m3). However, because comfortable dining requires a bit more structure than sofas built for lounging, the "Firmness Layer" of foam in our banquettes has a firmness level of 80, compared to the "Support Layer" firmness of 30.

What's the difference between "the support layer" and the "comfort layers" of high density foam in your cushions?

A "Support Layer" of high density foam sits at the center of all our cushions. This foundational core has a density of 38kg/m3 and firmness of 30, and provides structure, stability, and a level surface for the loose fill—it also helps the cushions maintain their shape over time. 

Our "Comfort Layers" of high density foam have a lower density (26kg/m3) and are slightly less firm (firmness level 20) for a bit of squishy give. Supplementary Comfort Layers of foam surround the Support Layer in Neva and Elias' cushions for a bit of extra sink-in softness. 

That's not to say our collections constructed without Comfort Layers aren't soft—our ethically-sourced Feather Down or Vegan Poly Fill lends a bit of fluff to even our more supportive styles.

Can I buy pillows or back cushions separately?

Unfortunately, no. All of our products are made using collection templates, and we're unable to break apart a style in order to sell pillows or cushions separately (not even Olea's adorable round back cushions). Lumbar cushions are included on some specific collections (Aria, Elias, Camino, and Devyn sectionals), while Gabriel has extra arm pillows.

If you need to order a replacement cushion for a product you already own, contact our team at [email protected], and we'll happily look into it.

What are the frames made of?

Kiln-dried hardwood and plywood reinforcement forms an indestructible frame. Frames are reinforced with corner blocking for increased stability, and finished with high-tenacity webbing and spring suspension systems.

Can I make modular styles into a larger sectional?

Absolutely! Modular sectionals are all about options and are meant to grow and change with you and your space. Add components until your sofa is so vast you have to squint to see the other end. Take a section from the center and push it across the room to create a chair and loveseat set. There are no wrong answers, only possibilities! 

If you'd like to place an order or receive a quote for an individual component of a sectional, reach out to [email protected]. Please note that all individual modular pieces are considered special orders and are final sale—they cannot be returned or exchanged.

For more info, check out our post on adding to, rearranging, and maintaining your sectional.

Are the sectional ottomans detachable?

Yes! All of our sectional components feature a zinc alligator clip mechanism on the underside that allows ottomans to detach and reattach.

For more info, check out our post on adding to, rearranging, and maintaining your sectional.


Life can be messy. Luckily your sofa doesn't have to be.

How do I make my Sixpenny last?

Real talk: this writer has had a Neva Chaise Sectional in Corn Silk for three and a half years. There have been guest sleepovers, puppy accidents, and numerous slipcover washes. It has survived admirably and looks as good as the day it arrived.

We design every piece with longevity in mind, and believe "sustainability" means buying a high-quality product and using it forever. And like anything intended for the long term, these products require some care. 

Our cushions are constructed with your choice of ethically-sourced Feather Down or vegan Poly Fill. The fill is loose—not cut from a block of foam—so a little fluffing goes a long way, especially for our fluffier collections. Because we refrain from coating our slipcovers in chemicals (including water and stain repellents), we recommend laundering the entire slip once or twice a year.

What's the best way to clean my slipcover?

Every fabric is slightly different, and every stain is unique. 

Natural linen and cotton—dry cleaning will deliver the best, most consistent results. (Think of a high-quality linen suit. You could wash it at home, but why?) A vacuum—with an upholstery attachment if you have one—works best for everyday dust and dirt. 

Machine-washing is possible with cold water, mild detergent and a cautious eye. Remember to close all zippers—they can catch on a seam and tear your slipcover if left open. While we always recommend washing every component of your slipcover consecutively to maintain color uniformity, it's important to wash every piece of the slipcover on its own. Overstuffing the machine can damage the integrity of the material, as can the friction of rubbing against another fabric. Spot-cleaning is tricky and not recommended for every fabric. 

Recycled Faux Fur can be washed on a gentle, cold cycle in your home machine (as long as your unit doesn't have an agitator). Air-drying is recommended. It can also be spot-cleaned, depending on the fabric and the nature of the stain. 

For more info, check out our post on how to clean your slipcover.

What's the best way to pre-treat or spot-clean a spill?

Spills happen. When they do, it's best to attack them as soon as possible by absorbing excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth or scooping away standing spills, like ketchup, with a spoon. Do not rub—it can embed the spill further into the fabric fibers and worsen things. 

Spot-cleaning is tricky and isn't recommended for every fabric—our hand-dyed linens (Light Weight Linen, Medium Weight Linen, and Washed Cotton Linen) are particularly prone to fading and discoloration if spot-cleaned. Other fabrics, such as our Thread Dyed Cotton Linen and Recycled Faux Fur, respond beautifully to spot cleaning within the boundaries of their care instructions. 

For more info, check out our post on how to clean your slipcover.

What’s the best way to care for my slipcover?

Simply put, slipcovered sofas and chairs won't look photoshop-perfect all the time. They will wrinkle and crease and move around as you spend time on them. The good news is 1. this makes for a more beautiful, easy-breezy appearance, and 2. there are plenty of simple ways to zhuzh things so they look good as new. 

A steamer will go a long way toward relaxing your slip (which will relax you) when wrinkles appear. Even a small handheld steamer will do the trick. 

If you feel like your slip is draping unevenly, it only takes a bit of strategic zhuzhing to pull it into place (and a bit of help from your trusted steamer). Pull the seat cushions off so you can adjust the entire slip to sit the way you like, and tuck the loose fabric back into the frame to keep things tidy.

For more info, check out our post on how to care for your slipcovered furniture.

How do I keep my slipcover from fading in the sun?

All of our fabrics are rigorously tested and meet industry-established benchmarks for colorfastness and fade resistance, however any fabric—natural or synthetic—will fade over time with consistent sun exposure. But dark and brightly pigmented colors are the quickest to absorb light and heat, making them more likely to fade in direct sunlight. To prevent fading, avoid placing your furniture smack in front of a sunny window or heat sources like radiators. Periodically rotating your cushions will also go a long way. 

For more info, check out our post on colorfastness.

Is it normal for my slipcover to fade in the wash?

We pre-wash our fabrics during production to rid them of any excess dye. Even so, it's normal to see some subtle fading the first time you wash your slipcover—especially if you're dealing with natural linen or cotton. Pigment-dyed fabrics like our Light Weight Linen, Medium Weight Linen, or Washed Cotton Linen are particularly susceptible to fading in the wash. 

The fibers of dark and vivid fabrics are saturated with more pigment than lighter, more muted tones, so don't be alarmed if you see a bit of runoff the first time you wash your slip at home. (Think of a good pair of dark denim jeans—it's often recommended to wash denim in cold water before wearing them to remove excess dye, lock in the color, and prevent color transfer.)

For more info, check out our post on colorfastness.

What’s the best way to care for Meridian Leather?

Every so often, give your Meridian Leather a quick brush to distribute its natural oils and maintain its luster and decadent texture. 

Brushing the leather in both directions for five minutes should do the trick. For regular upkeep, it's best to use a brush with soft bristles specifically designed for the delicate nap of nubuck. This is also the best way to remove everyday dust and dirt. 

For dirt that's a bit more caked in, you'll first want a brush with coarser bristles, like brass wire. (Don't go attacking it with steel wool or anything, we're still talking brushes designed with fine leather in mind.) 

For spills, gently soak up standing liquid with a clean, dry cloth before lightly dabbing to prevent stains. Spills happen, but they should be taken care of as quickly as possible. 

We don't specifically recommend the use of leather cleaner or conditioner. But, if you do, make sure it's suitable for nubuck furniture, and test it out on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn't affect the look or feel of the nubuck once it dries. 

To prevent fading, keep your Meridian Leather out of the path of direct sunlight and periodically rotate your cushions. 

For more info, check out our post on how to care for Meridian Leather.

What’s the best way to care for the cushions?

First, keep in mind that these are not super upright foamy sofas. They will shrug and slouch and show signs of life—that’s the whole idea. To keep your cushions nice and lofty, give them a good fluffing every so often. It will help your sofa look great for longer, and ensure that the cushions wear in more evenly.

What’s the best way to care for a wood table?

A feather duster or clean, dry cloth will do the trick to remove everyday dust and dirt from your wood table. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe up any spills (and try to catch them as quickly as possible!). Always use a coaster under beverages and trivets or placemats under hot items to avoid stains, rings, or discoloration. Remember: heat and moisture are the nemeses of all-natural wood.

If you choose to wipe your table down, use a lightly dampened cloth and wipe the entire tabletop to ensure the finish wears evenly. Don't be alarmed if your piece is made of reclaimed wood (Heritage Oak or Heritage Pine) and a trace amount of finish transfers to the cloth. We subtly treat our reclaimed woods using only a non-toxic solvent solution and a light seal to even out the patina. This avoids overpowering the characteristics and imperfections that make each piece special. 

For more info, check out our post on how to care for your wood table.

About Sixpenny

Our story

What is it about home?

Maybe it’s the way your things are just so. Or maybe it’s the way your things are all over.

Maybe it’s letting down your hair. Or letting out the dog. Or maybe it’s getting back to work.

Maybe it’s a sigh of relief—the peace and quiet. Or maybe it’s a kitchen timer, a blaring TV, and a “why is there blue marker on the sofa?”

At Sixpenny, we know home doubles as an office, a ballfield, and a movie theater. We understand that home sometimes looks more like a zoo than a museum. And we believe that no matter the shape, size, and state of your home, it should be the most comfortable, personal, enriching space in your world.

Our designs

The way we see it, a successful furniture design always checks two boxes. The first box is “time” and the second box is “time”. Stay with us.

Think about all the time you spend with your furniture. Aside from your bed, your devices, and your toothbrush, few things in life get as much use. Now think about how long you keep your furniture. Longer than some past relationships? Longer than your car? Probably.

In order to comfort you day in and day out, and to outlast years of scratching paws, impromptu guests and wine spills, your furniture should be designed to enrich your life—to be sure all that time is well-spent. 

We source the most luxurious, natural and recycled fabrics, overstuff our cushions with ethically-sourced down feathers and recycled vegan poly, and handcraft every frame from kiln-dried solid hardwood, to ensure that every piece of our furniture is timeless.

Our prices

Our goal was to create the best quality furniture money can buy.

By designing, sourcing, and manufacturing all our furniture directly, we cut out traditional costs that normally inflate the price you pay by as much as six times. It allows you to get a better product for your money.

We've built our supply chain in a way that allows us to bring you the highest quality materials from around the world, and the irreplaceable craftsmanship that comes with decades of hands-on experience. And because we're a truly vertical company, we don’t have to sacrifice quality to offer you a more reasonable price.