Trade Program

Sixpenny For Professionals

Available for interior designers, architects, hospitality developers, and more. Enjoy discounts on all catalogue orders, starting with 15% off.

Bring your next project to life.

Membership benefits forever

Enjoy exclusive discounts on all Sixpenny merchandise starting at 15% off. Eligibility for tax-exempt status on all orders with proper documentation. To learn more about how to access this benefit, see here.

Your ideas, made to order

Elevate your projects with customized Sixpenny pieces, designed to the exact specs and configurations of your clients' spaces.

The Sixpenny Loft

Experience products in person at our studio space in Brooklyn, New York, and access exclusive Loft Catalogue pieces.

Personalized care

Let your dedicated trade specialist help to find exactly what you're looking for—product specs, pricing quotes, deliveries, and more.