Fabrics created from fibers occurring in nature like animals' coats, plant seeds, leaves and stems. Most of our fabric catalogue (aside from our recycled fabrics) are all-natural cotton, all-natural linen, or a combination of the two. Our slipcovers are also free of chemical coatings.

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Zinc connecting mechanisms on the underside of a furniture item that allow pieces to attach to one another, most frequently used to create sectional modularity—making multiple configurations possible. These clips consist of two parts—a long "toothy" side and a metal peg it "bites" onto.

A dense hardwood with resilient but elastic properties, widely used for making furniture, musical instruments, and baseball bats.

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The angle of recline and the softness of the back cushions determine the way a piece feels on your torso once seated. Generally, the more pitched the angle and softer the back cushions, the more laid-back a piece will feel.

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A seat or bench designed to fit into a specific space, usually running along a certain wall. Sixpenny's dining banquettes are designed to accommodate our selection of dining tables, but can be customized to whatever dimensions your space requires.

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An extended seat long enough to rest your legs while lounging. Often offered as an elongated single chair or daybed-like piece, Sixpenny's modular sectionals use an ottoman to create a chaise. Choose from our chaise sectional assortment, create your sectional with a separate modular ottoman piece, or customize the perfect fit for your home.

A dyed fabric's resistance to fading. Can be in reference to washing, spot-cleaning, fading or discoloration from sun exposure, fading due to heat, friction when dry (dry crocking), friction when wet (wet crocking), use, etc.

Dark colors (or colors with more pigment) tend to be less colorfast than lighter colors since they absorb light and heat more quickly.

The combination of materials inside a cushion which together create different "feels" when sitting.

Generally, our cushions are comprised of about 40% "fill" (Feather Down or Poly Fill) and 60% foam, to ensure the cushion has both structural longevity and luxurious comfort.

A piece that is made-to-order with modified dimensions or configuration. All Sixpenny products can be customized with the help of our Design & Custom team for no additional fee. Delivery lead time is 12-14 weeks.

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A complimentary concierge service from our Design & Custom team providing support to help you create your dream space. Available to help you customize any Sixpenny item, along with mood boards, bespoke renderings, room layouts, and more.

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The measurement from the back corner of a sofa's frame to the front of its opposite arm. A key measurement in determining whether a piece can be carried through entryways at an angle if the item is too large to fit straight on.

Professional cleaning technique using water-free cleaning solvents safe even for delicate fabrics. The cleaning method we strongly recommend for our all-natural fabrics.

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Any cleaning agent that uses biological methods to break down organic waste, stains, molds, or odor. Household cleaners such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda are not enzymatic cleaners.

A responsible approach to material sourcing that ensures products made are obtained through responsible and sustainable methods. Our suppliers use only non-live-plucked down feathers, obtained as natural byproducts of the food industry. They are audited, inspected, and re-certified by the Feather and Down Association annually.


A process by which pigment in a fabric loses its molecular attraction with the fabric thread itself. All materials fade with use, time, and exposure to sunlight and after repeated washing. Our fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the industry-established benchmarks for colorfastness and fade resistance.

A mix of feathers and down feather (the layer of soft, fuzzy feathers found underneath a bird's tougher exterior feathers), and one of two cushion fill options available at Sixpenny. When included in a cushion, this combination of materials creates a lofty, fluffy comfort.

Also referred to as "green wood," these materials are newly cut from trees, before being dried, treated, and crafted into furniture. Unlike reclaimed woods, fresh woods often look "new" and rely on grain patterning and color for all character.

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A craggy, creamy travertine sourced from Turkey—a country renowned for producing extraordinary travertine for centuries due to its hot springs' unique heat and mineral content.

Travertine, a limestone, is formed when material deposits around freshwater hot springs are exposed to extreme heat and pressure over time. During its formation, hot water and gas pass through the stone, giving travertine its distinctly porous appearance. 

 Instead of polishing the stone shiny smooth, Galata Travertine is lightly honed, preserving and celebrating its craggy character.

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A material commonly used in soft furniture construction for structure and stability. As a rule, the higher the density, the longer the foam (and your furniture) will maintain its shape. A foam density of 23kg/m3 or above is generally considered high density.

Every Sixpenny seat cushion contains a high density foam core (regardless of whether you choose Feather Down or Poly Fill) to provide the seat with structure for longevity and stability.


A process by which wood is dried in an oven to remove moisture content which prevents it from warping or cracking over time. Each of our upholstery frames is crafted from kiln-dried solid hardwood.


The part of a cushion which is not a foam layer. We offer two fill options—Feather Down (a mix of feather and down) and Poly Fill (a vegan alternative designed to mimic the lofty feel of feathers). For both Feather Down and Poly Fill, regular cushion fluffing is encouraged to keep your item looking and feeling like its prettiest, perkiest self.

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Drying in a standard clothes dryer. Drying a slipcover straight out of the wash may cause it to shrink, so our fabrics should be air dried until barely damp, then tumble dried in a machine for a minute or two using no heat to fluff the fibers back up.

Laundering in a standard washing machine instead of via dry cleaning or by hand. While we recommend dry cleaning for most of our fabrics, successful machine washing is also possible with care, using a cold, gentle cycle, mild, brightener-free detergent, and keeping a mindful eye on the instructions specific to each fabric.

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A top grain nubuck leather, hand-sanded for hours to form a velvety nap that’s luxuriously soft to the touch, and more durable than its comparable suede. To achieve exquisite color variation, each piece of Meridian Leather is drum-dyed.

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The ability to connect several separate pieces of furniture in different ways to create new seating configurations. All our sectionals are modular, meaning they can be reconfigured, or added to, to suit your space as changes over time.

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Sixpenny's fluffiest family, famous for its sink-in soft cushions, and unparalleled cloud-like comfort.

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An attempted delivery that our shipping carriers deems unable to fit into your home or apartment building. No-fit deliveries are subject to a 10% restocking fee, so please make sure to measure your item and your space ahead of time.

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A heavyweight and highly durable hardwood used for thousands of years due to its strength and quintessential ringed grain patterning.

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A dyeing process in which a length of fabric is passed through a trough of hot dye solution, and is rolled to evenly dispurse color and remove excess liquid. Our Cotton Linen, Cotton Canvas, and Washed Velvet Cotton fabrics are piece-dyed.

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A dyeing process in which the dye sits on top of the material and is absorbed after it has already been woven. This results in a "worn" or subtly imperfect look. Pigment-dyed fabrics are not typically as colorfast as piece-dyed fabrics because the dye is absorbed by the fibers without reaching their core. Our Light Weight Linen, Medium Weight Linen, and Washed Cotton Linen fabrics are pigment-dyed.

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A soft, relatively lightweight wood used by woodworkers and furniture makers for centuries due to its availability, durability, and workability.

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One of two cushion fill options (the other being Feather Down). Designed to provide a vegan alternative that mimics the lofty feel of feather down, our blend is included in all of our slipcovered furniture.


Solid timber, globally salvaged from decades-old structures, hand-selected for quality, and lightly treated to preserve the nuanced character and history etched into the surface of each piece.

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An impressively soft faux fur, crafted from threads made of recycled ocean-bound plastic. Every piece of plastic used to produce our Recycled Faux Fur is waste that would’ve otherwise remained in a landfill or ocean. One ton of plastic waste yields around 1,150 meters (12 football fields!) of Recycled Faux Fur. So for every Neva 84” slipcover, over 22 pounds of non-biodegradable plastic is removed from the ecosystem and spun into a fuzzy dream.

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The distance from the front edge of the seat to the back cushion. Seat depth determines (in part) how upright or lounge-y a piece feels. Generally, the deeper the seat, the more laid-back the piece.

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The amount of support provided by the seat cushion when you sit down. Seat feel (and back feel) determine the "softness" of a collection. Generally, the softer the seat, the more fluffy and "sink-in-able" the piece.

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A fabric furniture cover that is not fixed to the frame, and can be removed for cleaning or to interchange styles. Our luxurious slipcovers are handcrafted from the finest natural and recycled fabrics. They’re removable, cleanable, and swappable—timeless beauty for your ever evolving home.

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It's possible to order items not listed in our general catalogue (aka the products on this site). Special orders can include items like individual sectional components, cushion or frame replacements, and more.

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Exclusively treating or cleaning the stained part of a material, instead of the entire piece. While most of our fabrics can be machine-washed, not all can be spot-cleaned. Our comprehensive care post below provides detailed instructions for each material.

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The use of abrasives during the washing process, which gives fabric a gently worn or faded look. Our Cotton Linen, Cotton Canvas, Washed Cotton Linen, and Medium Weight Linen are stonewashed.

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A federal safety standard requiring all upholstered furniture sold in the United States to have a certain degree of flame-resistance. While TB-1117 does not require the use of flame-retardants, it does stipulate that any spark or open flame must burn out before hitting the cushions’ fill.

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One of two available delivery services. Our shipping carrier brings the item to your front door at your scheduled delivery time. Available free of charge at checkout.

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Referring to the difference between seating positions among our sofas and chairs. Upright seats generally tend to have shallower seat depths, and more supportive cushions (see Amelia, Gabriel, and Ziki). Laid-back collections tend to be larger, more sprawling, and sink-in soft (see Devyn, Neva, and Aria).


Newly created polyester sourced directly from petroleum, and a material you'll never find in our slipcovers. A highly pollutive process resulting substantial greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our polyester uses zero virgin polyester. It is instead crafted entirely from recycled household plastic goods that would otherwise make their way to our oceans. It is phthalate-free, carcinogen-free, and FDA approved.


One of two available delivery services. Our shipping carrier brings the item into your room of choice, unboxes it, and assembles it (if necessary). Highly recommended for larger items like sectionals and dining tables, or for tricky delivery paths. Available for $100 at checkout, but can be added at any point until your piece ships.


To spruce up or tidy something, like a slipcover or a cushion, so that it looks more appealing.