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Threshold? White glove? Delivery decisions.

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So, you've found your dream piece of furniture, you've selected fabric and fill, you've measured your space, and now it's down to one last decision: threshold or white glove delivery? 

Here are some things to consider.


What is the difference between threshold and white glove delivery?

The first difference that probably jumps out at you is the price. 

Threshold delivery, like shipping, is free of charge. If you opt for threshold delivery, our carrier will bring your item to your front door at your scheduled appointment time. 

The fee for white glove delivery is $100. If you opt for white glove delivery, the carrier will bring the item into the room of your choice, unbox it, and complete any necessary assembly. They'll also offer to remove the packaging but only take them up on it if you're 110% sure you won't be making a return or requesting an exchange. (If you send back your item within the 30-day return period without the original packaging, you'll incur a 10% restocking fee.)

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Will my package be left outside if I opt for threshold delivery?

No way! Your order will never be left outside unattended. We'll reach out to you with a tracking number once your order ships from our Los Angeles distribution center, and shortly after that our delivery carrier will contact you directly to schedule a drop-off appointment. Delivery times are automatically set for both white glove and threshold delivery, but you can adjust through our carrier's website if an assigned slot doesn't work for you.

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Should I tip the delivery team?

Tipping your delivery team is not required or expected. That said, tipping for exceptional service is always appreciated. It's up to you!

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Before I decide on a delivery method, how much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always free. We're committed to keeping it that way, even as international and domestic freight transport costs continue to rise. 

Threshold and white glove are the two delivery services we offer—they provide different experiences once your new furniture arrives at your home. 


Is threshold or white glove delivery a better option for me?

Simply put, the $100 for white glove delivery makes delivery day easier, but in some cases it's more than just a superfluous convenience. We strongly recommend white glove delivery if you're ordering a larger piece, like a sofa or sectional, or if there's a tricky path from the entry of your home to the room of your choice (i.e., long, twisty, or upstairs). If you're ordering something small or feel confident in your ability (or your well-built neighbor's ability) to get an item into your home, up any stairs, and assembled, the threshold option will work just fine. 

Ultimately, it's entirely your call. But $100 is a small price to pay for the headache (and backache) white glove delivery will spare you.


Considering how much your furniture costs, shouldn't white glove delivery be included?

We completely understand that when you purchase furniture from Sixpenny, you're making a significant investment, which comes with certain expectations. We also know that other retailers with price points similar to ours offer complimentary white glove delivery. 

Truthfully, white glove delivery is never free, even if it's labeled as such. To cover the cost of assembly and unboxing for every shipment, most retailers bake the expense into other places: higher product prices or an automatic shipping fee on every purchase. We don't do that. 

We'd never expect a customer to pay for a service they don't necessarily want or need. So, we choose to keep shipping free for everyone and offer white glove delivery as an optional service.


I live in an apartment building. Do I have to choose white glove delivery to get my package upstairs?

Nope! If you select threshold delivery, our delivery team will leave the package at the door to your unit. That said, many variables can affect our delivery carrier's ability to move these extremely heavy boxes upstairs and to your door, so measuring all entryways, stairwells, elevators is crucial. 

We'll also send an email with instructions for how and when to send details to our team that may impact delivery (i.e., you live in a walk-up, the delivery path is tricky, your building needs a certificate of insurance, etc.). You'll also have an opportunity to chat with our delivery carrier when they contact you to book your appointment. The more information we know ahead of time, the better.


Will the white glove delivery team remove my old furniture?

No. Make sure to remove your old furniture from the space ahead of time. If you choose not to clear out your old furniture before your shipment arrives, walk the delivery path to confirm that there's sufficient room.


If I pay for white glove delivery, will my shipment be expedited?

No. We're proud to offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of your delivery method. We don't prioritize the dispatch of white glove delivery purchases over those with threshold delivery.

Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience from when you first place your order to when it arrives at your door. The difference between white glove and threshold delivery is the extent of the service provided, not the quality. You can expect this close attention to detail whichever option you choose.