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use & care

Getting to know your sectional.

Taking full advantage of modular versatility by connecting, rearranging or adding to your sectional sofa is easier than Tetris, and if we can say so—the results are far more aesthetically pleasing. 

We've gathered a few common q's about our modular styles and a few tips and tricks on adding to, rearranging, and maintaining your sectional.


How do I connect and disconnect the components of my sectional? 

Zinc "alligator clips" are affixed to the underside of every sectional component. These clips consist of two parts—a long "toothy" side (hence the name) and a metal peg it "bites" into. 

To connect, twist open the long toothy side of an alligator clip so it is pointing directly towards the sectional component you want to connect it to. Make sure the two sectional components are perfectly aligned and push the two pieces together. If the pieces connect, you'll hear a satisfying "click."

The alligator clips provide a sturdy connection for the components of your sectional. But it's relatively easy for two people to disconnect pieces—just tilt the sectional component with the peg slightly backward until you hear the clip disengage.


My alligator clip isn't staying in place. Is it broken?

When troubleshooting alligator clip issues, always check to make sure the components of your sectional are correctly aligned (i.e., every toothy side is lined up with a corresponding peg). Often, the culprit is just a piece that's been jostled out of place. 

If your sectional is properly aligned and the clips still won't click into place, examine the clip itself. Sometimes, the circular gasket on one side of the clip becomes loose, preventing the piece from staying horizontal long enough to attach to the other side. This snag has a relatively easy fix, as you can tighten the gasket with a standard wrench.


Can I add components in the future to make a larger sectional? 

Absolutely! Modular sectionals are all about options. Add components until your sofa is so vast you've got to squint to see the other end. Take a section from the center and push it across the room to create a chair and loveseat set. Want to make your five-piece sectional an L-shaped sofa? Order a corner piece. There are no wrong answers, only possibilities!

If you're thinking of adding a single piece to your sectional, you can reach out to our customer experience team for a quote. Just remember that individual modular components are considered special orders and cannot be returned or exchanged.


What if my space is relatively small, but I love the look and versatility of a sectional? 

We've got you! Many of our customers (this writer included) live in apartments or are looking to furnish a relatively small space. One of our most popular requests is for sectionals with only two "end pieces"—this special order makes it possible to add armless or corner pieces in the future. If you need something a little more custom, we can look into adjusting dimensions so that you have the perfect piece for your space.

If you love the style of one of our sectionals but need something smaller than what we offer in our regular assortment, reach out to our team at [email protected], and we'll look into getting you a quote. Just keep in mind that, like special orders, custom orders are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


If I add a single component to my sectional, will the color be an exact match with my current slipcover?

We'll certainly do our best. But, since our all-natural fabrics are hand-dyed in small batches, there might be slight color variance between the new component slipcover and your original sectional slipcover. 

It's also worth noting that your original slipcover has probably faded a bit, as all fabrics do over time. Friction, sunlight, washing, etc., can all contribute to fading—it's so gradual and subtle you likely don't even notice. But the newly dyed component that hasn't been used or exposed to the elements will probably look brighter than the fabric of your original slipcover. 

We keep the dye lot—a record of the dye batch used in production—on file for every order, and we'll do everything we can to find as close a match to your fabric as possible. And, of course, you can always purchase an entirely new slipcover if you want to spruce up your expanding sectional.


My sectional cushions look like they aren't lining up with the frame. Is this a defect?

Probably not. Every cushion—back, arm, center, corner, etc.—is cut for its specific place in the sofa configuration. If something looks off about your cushions, check to see if the edges are tapered—you might have a center back cushion where an arm or corner cushion should be (it happens to the best of us!). A little rearranging and flipping upside down will likely do the trick. 

If all cushions are in the correct place but something about your sofa still doesn't look quite right, your cushions might need an energetic fluffing session. Maybe the seams of your slipcover aren't quite lining up—the slip might be on the wrong cushion, or the fabric might just need a little zhuzh and steam. 

For tips on how to keep your Sixpenny looking it's perky best, head over to our blog post, "Getting to know your Sixpenny."