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The best fabric for your kids.

a young girl standing on top of the Neva Loveseat in Jasmine Rice, Medium Weight Linen

Like all parents, you’re probably sure of one thing in this crazy world: your kid is special.

Guess what? You're absolutely right.

No two kids are exactly alike, and no fabric perfectly suits every household.

Your family is the most important variable when choosing a fabric—which means you’re already basically an expert—and we can help narrow it down. We’ve listed several characteristics that can affect a fabric’s longevity. To meet your material match, consider these factors in the context of your home’s unique needs.

Consider white. Yes, really! White and off-white slipcovers like Pacific Pearl (Cotton Linen) and Water Lily (Light Weight Linen) can be spot cleaned with a touch of enzymatic detergent and are unlikely to fade in the wash. Many of our customers find this makes cleaning a lot easier.   

If you long for a vivid pop of color but fear water damage or stains, check out our Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen. We saturate every fiber with highly pigmented dye before weaving, making each garden-inspired hue comparably colorfast. 

A baby sitting on the Little Neva Chair in Pacific Pearl, Cotton Linen
@sophiecarpenter Little Neva Chair in Pacific Pearl, Cotton Linen

For a slipcover you can (carefully) spot clean, stick to pieced-dyed textiles like Cotton Linen, Washed Cotton Velvet, or Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen.  

Want to avoid the dry cleaner altogether? Our favorite fuzzy fabric, impossibly soft Recycled Faux Fur, can be machine-washed and responds very well to spot-cleaning. Not to mention, its silky, playful nap is a surefire hit with the kiddos.  

Always check the care instructions before cleaning, whichever material you choose. Spot cleaning is especially tricky and different for every fabric.

close up view of Loula Chair in Dandelion Poof, Recycled Faux Fur
@sixpennyhome Loula Chair in Dandelion Poof, Recycled Faux Fur

Our “heavy” fabrics are within the 400 g/m² - 500 g/m² range (fabric weight is listed on our swatch page.) Medium Weight Linen clocks in at an impressive 550 g/m² and breaks in like an absolute dream. Light Weight Linen and Cotton Canvas are slightly lighter but similarly robust.  

If you’re feeling a bit decadent (and who doesn’t sometimes?), our luxurious Washed Cotton Velvet and Recycled Faux Fur are also surprisingly substantial.

Neva Swivel Glider Chair in Jasmine Rice Medium Weight Linen, placed in a decorated room beside childrens toys
@sixpennyhome Neva Swivel Glider Chair in Jasmine Rice, Medium Weight Linen

Have more questions about finding the best fabric for your family? Reach out to the team at We’re happy to help.

Get more than one.

You should enjoy your furniture, not live in fear of it. When properly cared for, your slipcover will last years. But unlike traditionally upholstered furniture, there’s no need for a long-term, exclusive commitment. 

Slipcovers are removable, cleanable, and swappable. Certain fabrics might suit your family's day-to-day better than others, but you can still branch out occasionally.

Avoiding pigment-dyed fabrics because they can’t be spot-cleaned? You can still break out the Washed Cotton Linen on special occasions! Want to experiment with splashes of color but fear premature fading? Alternate your darker slip with a paler, neutral color. An extra slipcover won't make your life any more predictable, but it can give you peace of mind when faced with life’s little messes. Explore our slipcover assortment here. 

Fabric color.

If you have kids running around, you might instinctively err toward darker fabrics that hide spills and soils of everyday use. But choosing the best color for your home is about more than masking stains. 

Dark fabrics are generally more susceptible to accelerated fading in sunlight and the wash. This could be problematic if you’re decorating a particularly sunny nursery or plan on washing your slipcover often.  

All materials fade with time (and remember, we don’t coat our fabrics with extraneous chemicals). But even natural, incremental fading is more noticeable with highly pigmented, bold colors. 

You can read more about colorfastness in our post, Fabric fading 101.

Fabric weight.

A fabric’s “durability” is the sum of all its qualities, not just its weight. But there’s no denying that heavier, more structured materials stand the best chance against jumping, kicking, and toy car racing.  

And no need to worry about sacrificing strength for softness. The heartiest natural fibers have a remarkable tendency to get stronger and softer with time and use. 

Care instructions.

The occasional spill is inevitable. But let’s be honest—spills become a little more likely with kids. 

We strongly recommend dry-cleaning all our natural fabrics. But our pigment-dyed linen—Washed Cotton Linen, Light Weight Linen, and Medium Weight Linen—are particularly susceptible to fading and discoloration when soaked. For the most part, they can’t be spot-cleaned.  

Check out our post, Cleaning your slipcover, for a full fabric breakdown with detailed care instructions for specific materials and stains. 

Fabric content and treatment.

Before delving into the details, it’s worth mentioning these aren't "performance" materials. Our pure linen, cotton, and recycled fabrics are inherently beautiful and durable, but aren't invincible. Not every fabric can be spot-cleaned, and certain materials are more prone to fading than others.  

We choose not to coat our fabrics in “protective” repellants—it preserves the integrity of our materials and avoids direct contact with unnecessary chemicals. But it also means your slipcover will likely need some TLC now and again. 

Of course, that's not to say homes with kids and pets don’t have an ideal Sixpenny match. (You can check out a few happy fur families in our post, The best fabric for your pet.)

Just remember that, like anything sourced directly from nature, our fabrics have limitations, and a little mindfulness goes a long way. 

A baby sitting on the Amelia Left Arm Facing Daybed in Nectarine Dream, Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen

@rosaliapark Amelia Daybed in Nectarine Dream, Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen

@ellen_wags Neva Loveseat in Blanched Almond, Washed Cotton Linen