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Loula Corner Sectional in Corn Silk, a light beige Washed Cotton Linen, placed in a decorated room around the Cordelia Coffee Table


Fall 2022: restrained grandeur.

Back detail of the Gio Sofa in Dusky Pine finish with Cotton Canvas Beach Walk cushions

Reimagined classics...


Trends come and go, and personal style evolves with time, but one rule is constant: solid wood accents always work. 

Gio is the very picture of material harmony, with an airy frame carved from solid ash, accentuated by a natural fabric slipcover in crisp neutral colors, which like our other collections, can be removed for cleaning or swapping. The collection includes chairs, sofas, ottomans, and dining benches—a light and earthy accent for every room of your home. 

Gio Sofa in Beach Walk, Cotton Canvas

Loula Chaise Sectional in Light Weight Linen Oat Flour, placed on top of a rug

Loula Sectionals

Golden Age glamour meets modern-day comfort in these stunning modular sectionals. Sumptuous back cushions drape effortlessly around Loula's cozy corners, the perfectly plush accessory to a fixed, supportive seat—a dramatic design that's pleasantly low-maintenance.  

Loula Chaise Sectional in Oat Flour, Light Weight Linen

Loula Leather Sofa in Meridian Leather Sunset Canyon, placed on top of a rug

Loula Leather 

If the Loula Sectional is the elegant rom-com ingenue, Loula Leather is the bold, funky cousin that appears in act two to shake things up. Chubby cushions and a minimal, curved seat are upholstered in decadently soft Meridian Leather for a look and feel that's both retro and refined. 

Loula Leather Sofa in Sunset Canyon, Meridian Leather

Enzo Coffee Table placed on top of a rug in front of the Loula Sectional Sofa

A grand entrance...


Enzo is the type of table that catches your eye and stops you in your tracks. And what piques your interest first? For one, the Turkish travertine that articulates the centuries-long journey of its formation in the veining, pitting and color variation unique to every tabletop. For another, the sculptural base of reclaimed pine, rich with knots, nuanced grain patterns, and hints of its prior life.

Enzo Coffee Table in Galata Travertine & Reclaimed Pine

Cordelia Coffee Table placed in the center of a room beside the Loula Chair in Recycled Faux Fur Dandelion Poof and Gabriel Sofa Washed Cotton Linen Corn Silk


How can something be simple yet so intricately detailed? Cordelia has an air of restrained grandeur—the majestic beauty of its craggy, storied travertine softened by the tabletop's gently rounded edge. Substantial column legs are delicately tapered, carved from solid reclaimed pine, grounding the stately piece in earthy warmth. It's era-less simplicity at its most striking. 

Cordelia Coffee Table in Galata Travertine & Reclaimed Pine

Our fall capsule collection explores the allure of contrast with transitional pieces as captivating and eclectic as the season itself. Intricately carved wood is juxtaposed with natural fabrics, and textures are mixed and layered for stunning visual and tactile impact. We also welcome a new material—Turkish travertine, exquisitely characteristic and resonant with history. 

Oat Flour, Light Weight Linen
Oat Flour, Light Weight Linen Gio Chair
Beach Walk, Cotton Canvas
Beach Walk, Cotton Canvas Gio Sofa
Mojave Glow, Meridian Leather
Mojave Glow, Meridian Leather Loula Leather Chair
Sunset Canyon, Meridian Leather
Sunset Canyon, Meridian Leather Loula Leather Sofa