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Loula Leather Chair

The nitty gritty

  • Overall dimensions: 38”W x 37”D x 30.5”H
  • Diagonal depth: 35”
  • Seat height: 18”
  • Seat curve: 2”
  • Seat depth w/ back cushion at narrowest point: 22”
  • Seat depth w/ back cushion at widest point: 24”
  • Seat depth w/o back cushion at narrowest point: 28”
  • Seat depth w/o back cushion at widest point: 32”
  • Arm height: 23”
  • Arm width: 3”
  • Frame height: 28.5”
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Box dimensions: 40”W x 39”D x 30”H

Our furniture is hand-made and in many cases quite soft so keep in mind dimensions may vary by an inch or two.
  • Frame: Kiln-dried hardwood & plywood
  • Legs: Solid rubberwood
  • Suspension: Webbing & sinuous spring
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Loula’s cushionless seat consists of four layers. A layer of loose fill (Feather Down or Poly Fill) sits on top of three layers of high-density foam: a “support layer”, a cushy “comfort layer,” and a "firmness layer" for structure. The seat is fixed to the frame and is not removable.

Seat Cushions: 80% foam, 20% loose fill

Back Cushions: 100% loose fill

Our lofty Feather Down is ethically sourced, and our vegan Poly Fill is designed to mimic the familiar fluff of feathers. We mix a small percentage of vegan poly fiber into the Feather Down cushions for a bit of spring. To learn more about our two fill options, check out our post, “Inside scoop: Feather Down vs Poly Fill.

As a rule, the fluffier the cushion, the more upkeep it will require. Our cushions are exceptionally soft, and much of the fill is loose, so periodic fluffing will go a long way.

This French nubuck leather has a velvety soft, suede-like feel—it’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill stick-to-your-legs leather and will look a bit different from every angle. That’s part of the beauty.

For detailed care instructions, check out our post, “Caring for Meridian Leather.


Treat spills as soon as possible by gently absorbing excess liquid with a clean, white cloth. Never rub—it might damage the material.


Gently brush the leather in both directions using a soft-bristle brush (one designed for the delicate nap of nubuck works best).


We don’t recommend any particular leather cleaner or conditioner—it’s difficult to predict exactly how it will affect the nap and color of the nubuck.

If you choose to apply a leather treatment, make sure it’s suitable for nubuck furniture, and test it on an inconspicuous spot on your piece to see how it dries.

Please note that consistent exposure to direct sunlight can lead to fading or discoloration. You can read more about fabric colorfastness in our post, “Fabric fading 101.

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Close up of Loula Leather Chair in Meridian Leather, Mojave Glow

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