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Summer refresh: embracing color.

Esme Sofa in Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen Summer Plum

Summer is a season of extremes. From the intensity of the sunlight to the vibrant, kaleidoscopic hues of nature and the first delicious rush when you dip your toes into the water—the air practically hums with energy.

So why leave those delightful vibes at the door? Fling open wide your proverbial windows and let the sunshine in! And what better way to fill your space with summer than with fresh, bold color?


In collaboration with our design & custom team (and drawing inspiration from real-life Sixpenny customers), we've gathered a few tips on using color to capture the dwindling summer days.

Splashes of vibrancy.

Few things are more evocative than swaths of vivid color. For a summer-y statement that's both striking and soothing, explore our Thread Dyed Cotton Linen—every fabric fiber is saturated with pigment for an impactful, nuanced look. Let the ripe burgundy of Summer Plum transport you to a garden in full bloom, or opt for Nectarine Dream—mellow enough for a neutral color palette and yet so rich you can almost taste the tang.

Brilliant and beachy. 

Pure white fabrics add a refreshing flourish to any space—from contemporary-chic to beach-house-breezy. It's the perfect blank canvas, and the right undertone can transform the atmosphere of any room. 

A warm white with golden undertones, like Water Lily in airy Light Weight Linen, has the quiet tranquility of a lazy summer Sunday. If true white feels a bit stark for you décor, err towards soft whites and beige tones, like Beach Walk, a sandy Cotton Canvas, subtly speckled for texture and depth, or pale, sunny Corn Silk in elegant Washed Cotton Linen. 

Invite the outside in.

Enhance the organic flow between your home and the summer landscape by surrounding yourself with earthy, nature-inspired hues. "Earthy" palettes traditionally include colors with brown, yellow, and russet undertones but can encompass a tonal range vast as nature itself.

Elicit visions of walking along the dunes with Oat Flour, a versatile, wheat-y taupe in soft-but-structured Light Weight Linen or Quiet Sage, a gentle, medium-green Cotton Canvas—the color of beach grass.

Interested in maintaining a midsummer ambiance even as the days grow shorter? Reach out to for a free consultation with our Design & Custom team—explore your space with fresh eyes and discover endless possibilities.

@alexisjadekaiser Nectarine Dream, Thread Dyed Cotton Linen.
@alexisjadekaiser's Ziki Sofa shown in Nectarine Dream, Thread Dyed Cotton Linen
@sophfei Honey Bee, Thread Dyed Cotton Linen.
@sophfei's Neva Corner Sectional shown in Honey Bee, Thread Dyed Cotton Linen
@sixpennyhome Oat Flour, Light Weight Linen.
@sixpennyhome Aria Sofa shown in Oat Flour, Light Weight Linen
@frengpartyof6 Quiet Sage, Cotton Canvas.
@frengpartyof6's Gabriel Banquette shown in Quiet Sage, Cotton Canvas
@cyd_morris Water Lily, Light Weight Linen.
@cyd_morris's Gabriel Sofa shown in Water Lily, Light Weight Linen