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Fall 2021: made-to-treasure.

Ziki 96" Sofa in Medium Weight Linen Jasmine Rice placed in a room next to a potted tree

Our newest collection interweaves the warm glow of late summer with the enchanting atmosphere of Fall. Vintage charm is juxtaposed with whimsical shapes, bold flourishes, and vibrant colors, forming a dynamic collage that dares to step outside the world of trends and into timelessness.


Ziki is an alluring vision of mid-century French minimalism (et c'est très chic!). And there's more to Ziki than meets the eye: layers of supple foam are hidden within the graceful slope of the cushionless back, while the plush bench cushion and round, padded shoulders make for a surprisingly soft seat. 


Olea is proof that luxurious comfort can be cute as a button. The plush, delightfully playful round back cushions and a fluffy bench cushion make this collection huggably soft. And with the material contrast of a neatly fixed slipcover and solid oak base, Olea has undeniable star quality. 


Camino is the kind of piece that makes every day extraordinary. Fluffy, tubular cushions sit at perfect elbow-resting height, giving you the option to sink in or prop yourself up. Camino's curved frame has modular versatility, and decadent Meridian Leather softens the edges of the striking, bold design.

Neva Round Daybed

Meet the ideal destination for story time snuggles, cuddle piles, and solo snoozes. It's everything you love about Neva, from the cloud-like fluff to the flirty French seam, transformed into a cozy, whimsical dreamscape.

Esmé Sectional

Esmé's signature curves, generous, soft heart, and deep-seated comfort is reimagined with modular adaptability—a sophisticated beauty that can grow and change with you and your space. 

Aria Grande

The modular classic in new, magnificent proportions. We've exaggerated the disarming beauty, clean lines, and extra plump cushions of Aria for expansive comfort and peak nap-ability.

Aria Leather Banquette

Aria's open, airy design is all decked out for dining in our exquisitely soft, luxurious Meridian Leather for gorgeous, customizable comfort that entices everyone to gather. 

Leona Dining Table

A hand-carved homage to iconic 18th-century Spanish design, Leona's rustic reclaimed pine is sourced from decades-old structures—your own piece of natural history. 

Enzo Dining Table

Meticulously handcrafted from nuanced solid American Oak tinted in a warm, cherry tone, Enzo is made to be cherished for generations. The bubbly, sculptural base gives Enzo a slightly different appearance at every angle, making it a true point of interest in any space.

Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen

Thread-Dyed Cotton Linen brings splashes of Summer to stave off the Fall chill. Every fiber of this all-natural blend is dyed and completely saturated in pigment before the material is constructed, for intricate color variation and refreshing, vibrant hues.

Two Ziki Chairs placed beside the Ziki Ottoman in Corn Silk, Washed Cotton Linen
Ziki Chair shown in Corn Silk, Washed Cotton Linen
Olea Sofa shown in Water Lily, Light Weight Linen
Neva Round Daybed shown in Jasmine Rice, Medium Weight Linen
Esmé Chaise Sectional shown in Corn Silk, Washed Cotton Linen
Leona Dining Table shown in Heritage Pine
Aria Leather Banquette shown in Mojave Glow, Meridian Leather
stack of colorful fabrics
Enzo Dining Table shown in Spiced Oak
Camino Leather Sectional shown in Sunset Canyon, Meridian Glow
Aria Grande Sectional shown in Warm Oatmeal, Medium Weight Linen